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We offer remortgaging for both residential and buy-to-let properties, and each one can be tailored to your client’s needs, whether that’s to replace an existing mortgage or a loan against your client's property.

Client eligibility


Minimum annual earnings of £300,000 required to qualify.

UK residency

Clients need to reside in the UK to be eligible. 

Features and benefits

Dry lending

Your client doesn't need to have a portfolio of savings or investments with us to apply for an Investec Residential or Buy-to-let mortgage.

Interest rate

Our rates can be fixed or variable, depending on your client’s individual circumstances, and we have an attractive selection to choose from. Ask us for a customised quote.

Flexible borrowing amount

The amount we can lend is flexible based on your client’s circumstances and starts from £1 million. We take into account each client’s entire income structure, including bonuses, carried interest, company cash flow and foreign currency. 

Choice of terms and mortgage repayment types

Repayment or interest-only mortgage? Or a combination of both? We offer terms of up to 25 years with no minimum.

Capital raise

Your client can raise capital on their existing property for any legal reason.

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If you're a mortgage broker and want to discuss how we can help your clients (minimum income £300,000) with their mortgage, contact us.

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If you're a mortgage broker and want to discuss how we can help your high-net-worth clients (minimum income £300,000) with their mortgage, fill out your details below and we'll get in touch.

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Important remortgaging information

Property location

Investec Private Bank mortgages are only available for residential properties in England or Wales.


Our mortgages are available to UK residents only. 


The property may be repossessed if your client does not keep up repayments on their mortgage.