Investec Online

View and manage your accounts, payments, transactions and so much more. Download your statements and other documents too.

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Get started with Investec online

Activate your online profile

When you receive your Investec ID, call us on 0330 123 1966 from within the UK or +44(0)207 597 4044 from abroad to activate your online profile.

We will send you a One Time Password (OTP) by SMS to your mobile number on record.

Login with One Time Passcode (OTP)

Once you've activated your account and received your OTP, click the login button at the top of this page.

  • Login with your Investec ID and OTP.
  • Set your secure password. 
  • Set your security details for telephone services.


View your Investec accounts in one place

When you log in successfully, you will land on your accounts dashboard.

You will see all of your Investec local and global banking, savings and investment accounts.

What can you do on Investec Online?

International payments

Pay someone abroad

You can pay existing and new beneficiaries whether in another country or another currency. We do not apply charges for international payments. Receiving and/or intemediary banks may impose charges.


My briefcase

My Briefcase

Upload and access your important documents anywhere at anytime. You have a 1GB allowance for you to upload your important documents so that you can access them at any time anywhere.

Learn more about My Briefcase.

Statements and Tax Certificates

Get your Statements and Tax certificates

You will receive an email to tell you that your statement or tax certificate is available online. You can view and download your statements and tax certificates  by following the statements and documents option on the main menu of Investec Online.



Portfolio valuations online

No need for paper. With Online valuations, you can download the latest valuation report for your investment portfolio whenever you need.


Search transactions

You can search through your transactions by date, and/or description. Go to your Transactions on Investec Online and search through the last two years of transactions. 

Personal details

Update your details

We use your details to keep in touch with you about your accounts. Keep your details up to date so that  your services are not disrupted. Go to the My details page on Investec Online to update your details.

Keeping you safe online

Protect yourself from fraud

With the convenience of digital banking and investing comes unique challenges that we need to face.

Fraudsters are very active and seek inventive ways to defraud you online.

Although we invest in state-of-the-art technology to minimise these attacks, fraudesters continually find other means to trick you.  Getting to know some of the scams out there can help you spot a fraud and protect yourself..

We've added extra security checks

We know that moving and managing your money online brings huge benefits, so it's important that we take steps to help keep it a safe way to operate your finances.

We appreciate that an extra check can be frustrating at times, but we want to make sure it's really you.

When you make certain payments and changes online, we will send you a One Time Passcode (OTP) or an In-app message to confirm it's  you who is making changes on your account. 


  • How do I get access to Investec Online?

    How do I get access to Investec Online?

    When you open a banking, saving or investing account with us, you will be registered for online access to your accounts. 

    Once you receive your Investec ID,  activate your Investec Online profile by calling our Client Support Centre on 0330 123 1966 from within the UK or +44(0)207 597 4044 from abroad

  • Can I change my Investec ID?

    Can I change my Investec ID?

    Yes. Login to Investec Online and from the menu options, choose 'Update login details' under the Profile and settings heading. 

    Here you can change your Investec ID to something more meaningful for you. You will need to enter your password to update this.

  • I seem to be locked out of my account? How do I fix it?

    I seem to be locked out of my account? How do I fix it?

    You can be locked out of Investec Online if you've incorrectly entered your credentials in three times. To unblock your Investec Online profile, you can:

  • How do I tell you about the things I want to see on Investec Online?

    How do I tell you about the things I want to see on Investec Online?

    Your feedback helps us build better solutions for you. Do let us know what's working, what isn't and what other functionality you want on Investec Online.

    Login to Investec Online and use the feedback option to submit your views and suggestions.

The Investec UK app in action

Download the Investec App

Download the Investec UK app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store. Login with your Investec ID and password. Follow the device registration steps and you're done.