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Foreign exchange

International payment details and cut-off times

Travel insurance

Information and exclusions

Policy and Benefit Schedule

Travel insurance policy and benefit schedule

Product Information Document

Travel Insurance Product Information Document

Ordering stationery

There is no cost to order Investec stationery

Correspondence envelopes

To facilitate your correspondence with us, we provide white FREEPOST envelopes, addressed to Investec Bank plc. You can also use them when making transfers between accounts held at Investec Bank plc, e.g. cheques drawn on an Investec Bank plc account for the credit of an account held at Investec Bank plc. 

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Paying-in book

This is pre-printed with your name, account number and account type, and will be forwarded to you under separate cover within the next five working days. Please read the inside front cover for further details on the use of the paying-in book.

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Cheque book

This will be sent to you under separate cover, within the next seven working days. Please read the inside front cover on how to use your cheque book. For cheque accounts only. 

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How to order stationery

Please call us on +44 20 7597 4131 or place an order online via the button.

Investec Bank plc and its subsidiaries recognise and respect the privacy and data protection rights of individuals with regards to personal data. 


We may use your personal data to provide you with services you request from us, or to manage your accounts, make decisions, detect and prevent fraud, fulfil any contractual relationship with you, undertake analysis and assessment, ensure that we comply with legal and regulatory requirements and/or for other purposes where in our legitimate interests. 


For further details as to how Investec uses personal data, please refer to our Data Protection Notice.


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Accessibility, illness and unexpected change

Find the right support within Investec if you are dealing with health, financial or other circumstantial concerns or challenges. You can also find information about accessing expert independent advice and information through specialist organisations.


Help dealing with bereavement

Help in dealing with the finances of someone who has recently died

Bereavement guide

Our guide to bereavement

Notice of bereavement

Notice of bereavement form

Withdrawal instruction

Withdrawal instruction form

Ways to access your account

Online banking

Investec Online gives you control of your finances whenever you need it from wherever you are.

Mobile banking

Available to Investec Online clients, the Investec App brings your accounts securely and conveniently onto your tablet and smartphone.

Telephone banking

Check your account balances, get details of transactions on your accounts, make transfers and more, all over the phone.

Complaints and feedback

We are committed to ensuring our products, service and our people deliver on our promise to be Out of the Ordinary, and aim to resolve complaints quickly and fairly. If it is not possible to promptly resolve your complaint, we will be in touch to update you on its progress through our complaint handling process.

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